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May 20, 2013
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Zopel Reference Sheet by stephi-JK Zopel Reference Sheet by stephi-JK
Partnering up with :iconombre-de-clause: and her character [link] for :iconroulettecityoct: !! ouo

Humble and energetic, Zopel is very social and loves making new friends. This makes him overly trusting of others.
Zopel doesn't lose his temper as easily as most Bivetiles, however he becomes very rebellious when people disregard his morals and values.

Zopel use to live with his parents and two siblings back in his home planet Metsyth before they were taken by invaders who usually sell Bivetiles for illegal trade.
Zopel was spared this fate because they saw no profit in a crippled Bivetile when there were many others to choose from. He was looked down in his society, and the only thing that showed care for him was his uncle Koobo.
To prove to his people and his uncle he could be useful, Zopel entered a multi-universally wide tournament. After the events that took place there however, he parted from his friends and allies.
He realized he couldn't go back to his planet a failure and ended up wandering the stars in any vessel that would take him. This, unfortunately, caused him to fall under the slave market during one of his travels.
He had been locked in a cage along with many a poor soul ever since.

Zopel and Mirza:
To Zopel, Mirza is the one person who gave him a second chance, when he had given up all hope.
He has nothing but the deepest gratitude and respect to this man that gave him the closest thing he could have to a normal tail.
Zopel is very loyal to him, and sees him like a father figure.

About his race: [link] (with old art xux;; )
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Dony123 Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2013
You've improved greatly since your old art.
Loving this character, he's super cool-dope yo.
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Holy frik, a character from the Rise? AWESOME!
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I love his tail! This will be cool!
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